Sohbet – not wearing green

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, my #100daysof contribution for today is a limerick: I’m not wearing green, don’t lynch me. Comprehending my motive’s a cinch see: Forgetful I’m not. It just would be hot. If someone would reach out and pinch me. Ok, you drunk/green/poetic/silly people! LET’S HEAR YOURS! Advertisements

The Erotica Files

If you were wondering, I did not spontaneously combust in awkward embarrassment last night. In part because the show ran really late, and reading last, I was tired beyond even registering what I was reading. That and the fact I had edited and practiced reading so much beforehand it had all become an academic exercise … More The Erotica Files

See Valerie Blush

So, this should be entertaining for ya’ll – one way or another…. I’ve agreed to read – out loud… in public – an erotic short story I wrote. It’ll be part of some big hullaballo with lots of other artists and performers (most of whom probably like doing public readings) so should be a great night of … More See Valerie Blush